Oyster Bay Shahtia & Valley Springs Heaven Sent

Photo credit Sharon Meyers

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Oyster Bay Shahtia

(BA Minstrel Bay imp USA x Magdalena)



Baring Court Innicah

(Oyster Bay Al Reane x Magdalena)


The Future  both VS PSophia and VS PShalana will be retained by VSA

and campaigned at shows until they are of breeding age, the future looks both bright

& very exciting.

Valley Springs PSophia

(PShalomar x Oyster Bay Shahtia)

Photo Credit - Melissa Lee Stone

Valley Springs PShalana

(PShalomar x  Valley Springs Heaven Sent)

Valley Springs Heaven Sent

(Eastwinds Axplosion x Eastwinds Esperant)

Dec 19/09/199-15/08/2019



Photo Credit Sharon Meyers

From Heaven with Love aka MIssy

(Valley Springs Tamaan x Valley Springs Heaven Sent)

Dec 22/11/2005-19/07/2017


Photo Credit Sharon Meyers




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