It has been some time since we had our website updated and thanks to the lovely Sharon Meyers visiting in February 2014 we are delighted to share some of the beautiful images she took with you. 


Valley Springs Arabians has been breeding beautiful functional Arabians since 1992.  We strive to breed Arabians with excellent conformation and also the very best of temperaments enabling them to be very tractable and willing with the most people loving temperaments making them a wonderful addition that the whole family can enjoy.

Being a small “boutique” stud we only breed one or two foals per season utilising some of the best bloodlines available with pedigrees that will breed on.

Breeding “Quality not Quantity” also allows us to extensively handle all our young stock which commences at birth with imprinting. Thus instilling a trusting bond between humans and these beautiful creatures without any stress involved.

Valley Springs is located at Blackwood Creek only 40 minutes drive South of Launceston, positioned below the magnificent Great Western Tiers.

We love showing others our beautiful horses so please just ring to arrange a suitable time for a visit.

Sherry & Bronc Fenton

Photo credit Sharon Meyers



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